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Comply with AML/CTF regulations worldwide, and reduce your exposure to the risk of being involved in fraudulent activities.

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Helping Companies Comply with Global KYC Regulations

Easily Assess the ML/TF Risk to Your Business

Global & Reliable Adverse Media Screening

Smart, Simple & Reliable Identity Verification

Manage Your Risk and Deal with High-Risk Clients

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Seamless Compliance

Use sophisticated due diligence workflow and parameter filters to reduce the amount of time you spend sorting through false positives. Our easy-to-use interface and scan history section allow you to access client details whenever and wherever required, as well as download PDF reports of your due diligence decisions.


Scan against a globally recognised data source by entering a name, or uploading a batch file of names, and choosing your organisation’s unique matching criteria. Or integrate our RESTful API to scan as you onboard.


Review detailed profile information for matches returned, which has been researched and compiled by dedicated teams. Assess if the profiles match the individual or company screened.


Record due diligence decisions, risk assessments and comments against all matches. A whitelist is created, based on decisions recorded, to eliminate false positive matches identified from future scans.

Speed Up Customer Onboarding

MemberCheck’s RESTful API allows complete end-to-end integration with your own web application or CRM. API integration provides PEP and Sanction, Adverse Media and ID Verification screening results in real-time to speed up your customer onboarding.

Real-time screening
Reduced manual effort
Quicker customer onboarding
Advanced screening parameters

Ongoing monitoring
PDF, Word and Excel reports available through web UI and API
Real-time screening
Quicker customer onboarding
Ongoing monitoring
Reduced manual effort
Advanced screening parameters
PDF, Word and Excel reports available through web UI and API

Know Your Customer, Manage Your Risk

Screen against a global database of PEP/Sanction lists, and adverse media, and identify if your customers are politically exposed, sanctioned or have an adverse media profile. MemberCheck’s sophisticated due diligence workflow allows you to set decisions and allocate risk, based on the profile information provided for matching individuals and companies.

Global PEP/Sanction data sources
Sophisticated due diligence workflow
Parameters to minimise false matches
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Batch screening
Database updated daily

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Your Ultimate Guide to AML Compliance Success:
A Checklist

This checklist reviews best practices in managing anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML/CTF) compliance for SMBs, FIs and other organisations. Our step-by-step checklist ensures risk-reduction and mitigation of potential fraud and other financial crimes while protecting your business against heavy fines and reputational harm.

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