ID Verification

Smart, Simple & Reliable Identity Verification

Our industry-leading ID Verification solution aims to reduce time and effort when checking IDs against their issuing source.

Cross Border Solution

Access to datasets that cover multiple regions such as Australia, New Zealand and China. We are in the process of including wider region coverage.

Safe Harbour Compliance

Safe harbour verification ensures that the highest standard of verification is met. This allows you to make sure you know who you are dealing with before engaging in business.

PEP & Sanction Screening

Screen against some of the best PEP/Sanction and Adverse Media databases that are currently available on the market at a cost effective price.

API Integration

Easily integrate with our RESTful API to streamline your onboarding process.

Offline Reports

Download reports in the format of your choice to keep as a record of your verification activities.

Multiple Layer Checking

Our system creates multiple layers of screening to provide the most accurate verification for avoiding the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Solid, Reliable and Extensive Data

MemberCheck partners with leading ID Verification suppliers, to provide you with the most detailed and accurate information possible. Comply with all your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) obligations by instantly verifying customers, against Government databases.

Multiple Region Coverage

Select the country your client is from and submit identity data for verification.

Instant Verification

Verify customers in real time and comply with KYC obligations.

Digital Onboarding

Integrate via our API and validate customer ID documentation during onboarding.

Reliable Connectivity

Encounter little to no downtime, using MemberCheck's ID Verification service.

What is IDV?

IDV is an essential part of your onboarding process, which helps to establish that the documents provided to you by your customers, to prove their identity, such as passport or driver licence, are genuine.

Why do you need IDV?

IDV is key to helping you to meet your Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML/CTF obligations Using an IDV service helps you to meet these KYC and AML/CTF obligations, and is is an important process for businesses and agencies to follow to protect themselves from corruption and fraud.


IDV is an important component of KYC to ensure you know who you are dealing with and to avoid potential financial and reputational risk to your business.


Comply with AML/CTF regulations by verifying the identity of your new and existing customers and avoiding the consequences of non-compliance.


Streamline your onboarding process with identity verification in real time with instant results.

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